The safety, quality, and performance of our exclusive products are always our top priority. Together with, comprehensive and quality assured services for every customer are at the core of NIKSUN Beauty’s mission.

Striving for Continual Innovation

We work collaboratively with each other and our customers to succeed together.

As a valuable partner, NIKSUN Beauty provides exclusive resources to help grow and build your business. From custom marketing tools to product education and support, NIKSUN includes a range of resources to help your business succeed.

We provide product and treatment training courses for every form of treatment and every innovative product we develop. There is on-site support available by our professional Beauty Trainers to resolve and find solutions to any problems our customers may face.

Our professional workshops, talks, and seminar services are all available to assist organizations to develop strategic promotional plans and material designs to conduct post-event reviews, which can help improve business performance, profit and boost staff morale.

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Be Our Dealer

Does your business directly target the final consumer? 

If you are a medical beauty center, health and beauty club, professional beauty salon, hotel, spa, or any other professional beauty institution, and you are interested in stocking a highly exclusive product line to enhance and complement your present range of products and services, you are welcome to contact us, and we would be pleased to assist you.

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Be Our Distributor

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Does your business target other cosmetic companies?

NIKSUN beauty offers our distributors, importers and wholesalers the opportunity to represent our brands, and lines of skincare products. If you are interested in stocking i-FIRM and SKINKEY products for resale and would like to become our official distributor, please contact us and our representative will be in touch with you shortly.